We move people and organisations by focusing on 4 core competencies:
Negotiating, decision-making, charisma and creativity.

As an internationally operating consulting and training institute, we optimize the negotiating powers of our customers in a solutionoriented and practical way. We work across all sectors, but have special expertise with production companies and trade.

What sets us apart is the way we integrate all of the important aspects of effective negotiating in a comprehensive manner: Integration into the strategy, Negotiation psychology and techniques, Competence in business relationships, Personality, Expression, Trust.

Our coaching–consulting approach encompasses diverse methods from consulting, training, and coaching. The consulting aspect directly improves your business performance. Furthermore, by simultaneously expanding your employees’ range of competence, we help ensure that this improved performance is sustainable.

Coaching–consulting projects are always aimed at empowering our customers, so in the future, you will be able to produce better solutions for your challenges independently.



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Fit for the future!

Recently a young woman asked me what it takes to be successful in the future and to generate a secure income. I could not answer this question from my wrist and asked for time to think about it. After a week I was able to come up with this answer:
The following 10 skills are seen as success factors by the World Economic Forum in the context of digitisation. The change from 4 to 2 of the Critical Thinking in times of Fake News should be clear.
In doing so, I am very much aware that the elementary competencies holistic negotiation, better decision making, disciplined creativity and target-oriented charisma, cover already approx. 90% of these 10 skills. They form, so to speak, a skill set that goes one level lower. Because effective changes must start at the lowest, individual level, otherwise transformation or change cannot be made credible.

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Some of our happy clients

Ich freue mich auf die Umsetzung im Alltag! Es ist genial, wie meine Stimme mit den vorhandenen Techniken auf andere wirken kann.
Teilnehmer, CCP Ausdruck und Verhandeln
Super Erfahrung!
Johann Scharfetter, Atomic Austria GmbH
Drei sehr gut investierte Tage. Einfach spitze und empfehlenswert! Auch, wenn man nicht aus der Abteilung Einkauf kommt.
Florian Fischbacher, Atomic Austria GmbH
Sehr professionelles Seminar zum Thema Verhandeln. Aufregend und lehrreich!
Teilnehmer, CCP Verhandeln
It was a great and interesting experience. – Eye-opening!
Teilnehmer, CCP Verhandeln
Sehr gutes, praxisbezogenes Training mit vielen „Take aways“ für zukünftige Verhandlungen.
Teilnehmer, CCP Verhandeln