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... is a professor for media-specific speaking as well as a trainer and business coach for optimizing the personal impact of his customers. Originally he was a professional speaker and actor, but he also knows the high demands on negotiators and those who make public appearances, as well as the challenges of speechwriting, press conferences, camera training, and related fields.

Feel Your Vibrations!

After reading our last article, you have probably begun to pay attention to the changes in your voice that occur depending on your social role in a given conversation.  Today we’ll begin with three short exercises to help you develop a better feeling for your voice and to influence it in a targeted way. The [...]

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Becoming Aware of Your Voice

Today we’re going to begin talking about a powerful instrument – something that greatly influences your personal impact, yet very few people actually take full advantage of: your voice! Your voice is highly variable and transmits many different signals about your personality, your mental state, and your role in the current situation. Yet we are [...]

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