Today we’re going to begin talking about a powerful instrument – something that greatly influences your personal impact, yet very few people actually take full advantage of: your voice!

Your voice is highly variable and transmits many different signals about your personality, your mental state, and your role in the current situation. Yet we are seldom fully aware of the immense significance and degree of variability that our voices possess. There is an incredible amount of potential lying dormant that we could tap in order to allow an intricate part of ourselves to unfold – because your voice is your acoustic self.

In order to attune yourself to your voice more closely, in the next few days, pay attention to the you adjust your voice, completely unconsciously, when you talk with:

  • Your colleagues
  • Your supervisor
  • Your parents
  • Your children
  • The cashier at a store
  • Someone who you are upset with
  • Someone who you admire

Before you even began to think about it, you were already using a variety of “social” voices, which are clearly differentiated from one another in terms of acoustic color, intensity, strength of breath, and clarity.

Begin consciously listening to yourself while speaking! What changes inside of you to make yourself sound so different? Is there any correlation with your posture? How and where are you breathing at this moment? How would you describe this voice from the outside?

Observe yourself and then try out something on your own: just imagine one of these people and then evoke your social voice for this circumstance and try speaking with that voice!

That is a good way to start making yourself aware of your own acoustic image, which is the first step towards actively developing it and utilizing it purposefully. Enjoy!