Coaching-Consulting Program: Impactful Purchasing


This program is specially designed for purchasing teams that want to elevate their performance in a way that is best aligned with the goals of the company.

Impactful purchasing – this Coaching-Consulting Program works with your purchasing team to develop both individually and as a team.

The goal is to have a coherent and pragmatic method for developing and implementing the purchasing strategy. That way, not only do you get a coordinated and highly effective way to develop your purchasing team, but at the same time, you also enhance the team spirit and the potential for productive communication within the purchasing team.

You not only acquire new skills and build upon existing ones, but with the help of experts, you also develop supplier strategies for your most important suppliers, plan how to implement those strategies in detail, and then start putting them in action.

Even during the implementation phase, your coaching-consultant makes sure that everyone in the team achieves the maximum level of success in business and in his or her own development.

The Program

Phase 1 takes place with the management:

  • Opening event with the team, determining criteria for success together
  • Generate target skill profiles for the participating positions
  • Current state analysis of the staff’s available skills
  • Create individual development plans
  • Basic negotiation training in order to establish a shared knowledge base
  • Seminar on supplier strategies, in order to ensure a common understanding
  • Develop supplier strategies, including plans for implementation, for the most important suppliers
  • Analyze the viability of those strategies with the aid of “emotional analysis” methods
  • Negotiation Obeya: the coaching-consultant is available for the purchasing team on a weekly basis in order to evaluate the negotiations that have taken place and to help prepare for upcoming negotiations.
  • Negotiation Hotline: the coaching-consultant is always available throughout the project and can be contacted by phone or email.
  • Project support with additional services.

You also have the option to receive our expert support for individual project phases.

Your Situation

  • You have a motivated team and have already thought of or tried out various approaches to optimizing your purchasing processes.
  • Until now, there hasn’t been a systematic development of the purchasing department and its individual team members.
  • There is no consistent, structured, strategic documentation in the purchasing department, which would provide a clear blueprint for improving your purchasing.
  • Therefore, the previous approaches have not been followed as consistently and effectively as possible.

Your Benefit

  • You will experience a consistent and pragmatic system for developing your strategy and your purchasing.
  • Your staff will be prepared and trained for their tasks in a strategic way.
  • You will develop your supplier strategy coherently and systematically, which will help generate mutual understanding.
  • By sharing ideas and providing feedback during the implementation, you will learn from one another and from our professional support.


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