Coaching-Consulting Program: Learning Path for a Culture of Agreements


This program is specially designed for managers and project managers who have the goal of increasing the speed and potential for implementing decisions in their organization.

When there is a lack of commitment, often strategies, plans, and agreements are not carried out, at least not as planned. This is frustrating for all of the people involved, as well as very damaging to the organization as a whole.

The goal of this learning path is to bring to life a new culture of commitment in your organization. All the participants learn how to arrive at sustainable agreements in their negotiations. Agreements that have been negotiated professionally lay the foundation for committed implementation. A good agreement culture promotes the fulfillment of agreements.

This coaching-consulting program offers specific instruction and training for people in various positions in a company. Subsequently, we support you in the practical application of this knowledge in your actual daily business. That way, you already achieve quantifiable results during the project – and the knowledge is turned into real business skills. In addition to acquiring skills, you also gain motivation by directly using these new skills to accomplish goals:

That way, you can catapult your organization out of a cripplingly noncommittal culture!

The Program


Meet the other participants and coaching-consultant and get to know the program.

Training sessions with a selection of content that is especially relevant for your business – chosen and dealt with in a way that is tailored to the target audience.

Generally, the training is given in groups of managers, project leaders, and staff.

In this phase, the participants are also prepared for the project phase and methods that will be used in it (for example, peer learning).

During the training sessions, the coaching-consult will determine to what extent the participants already possess certain skills that will be necessary for the project phase.

Depending on the result, there may be a direct influence on the training or the coaching.

In the project phase, the participants work on specific issues in their daily business – both individually and in groups.

The coaching-consultant directs this phase and can intervene using individual or group training sessions or coaching, or may ask for support as well. Furthermore, this is also the right moment to assist with any problems or escalations that may have emerged.

A comprehensive assessment and reinforcement of the knowledge and experience gained, conducted in the group or in individual meetings.

This coaching-consulting program is great in combination with the BSCC app for extra support.


The Content

Basic Skills for Sustainable Agreements

  • Negotiations – The path towards sustainable agreements
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Feedback in meeting culture
  • Trust: what it means, how it’s created, and how to direct it
  • The Cynefin Framework: Communicating and deciding within complex systems
  • The structure of success: recognizing and shaping it
  • Directing your personal impact

On the Path Towards a Good Agreement Culture

  • The importance of agreements and commitment for success
  • Agreement culture – culture of commitment
  • Rules for a good agreement culture
  • Indicators and reasons for broken agreements
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Solution-oriented meeting culture
  • Solution-oriented questioning
  • Escalation models
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