Coaching-Consulting Program: Learning Path for Expressiveness


This program is specially designed for experienced negotiators who want to make their strong skills even more effective by presenting themselves authentically and in the best way possible.

The impact that you have on your environment depends on more than just your skills and your personality, because these things can only be communicated with your expressiveness. That includes your voice, your speech, and your body language.

In order to be perceived of as authentic and confident, you should consciously train and utilize your own expressiveness.

This personalized coaching-consulting program accompanies you on your individual path towards optimizing your expressiveness. The service package involves acquiring knowledge, intense training, and practical phases for applying the content in your daily work, which are subsequently evaluated in detail.

That way, you can take exactly the right steps that are important for you to have an even stronger impact in your business.

The Program

A personalized program for further development is created for each employee based on his or her skill level:

Introductory event to present the coaching-consultant, assurance of confidentiality from all participants, defining the rules for optimized results.

Thorough introduction to the concept of expressiveness.

The participants take part in exercises (e.g. presenting themselves or a product), which is recorded on video (four hours).

Review and assessment of the videos with Prof. Hilger (at least 1 hour).

Agree on developmental goals and exercises for the two to three month long practical phase, which can be extended upon request.

1½ hours reflecting on the practice phase and defining the next developmental steps

The program can be extended with an additional practical phase and a subsequent assessment.

Your Situation

  • You have gained a lot of experience in negotiations.
  • You possess strong skills in the field and command of methods.
  • You would like to apply your skills even more effectively.
  • You strive to present yourself in an all-around convincing manner.

Your Benefit

  • Through your own experience, you will learn the difference that the conscious use of expressiveness can make.
  • You will develop your expressiveness through a very personalized process and with professional supervision.
  • You will increase your impact with the targeted use of body language, voice, and speech.
  • You will benefit from cooperating with pragmatic experts.
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