Coaching-Consulting Program: Negotiation Coaching


This program is specially designed for negotiators who are confronted with important and complex negotiations.

In the coaching-consulting program for negotiation coaching, you work on solutions for especially difficult and complex situations and are accompanied along your way to success.

With your coaching-consultant, you develop a comprehensive negotiation strategy, learn the skills necessary to implement it, then you practice it and ultimately execute that strategy in the real negotiation.

Furthermore, you benefit from expert techniques for promoting creativity, which help you discover new ways to approach complex problems.

The coaching-consultant can also accompany you to the negotiations and there is also an evaluation of the negotiation process/results within the group of participants.

What to Expect

  • You present your challenging business case in detail.
  • The content and methods that are relevant to the specific case are communicated in a way that connects directly to that case.
  • You prepare the negotiation step-by-step, developing a design for the entire negotiation (the “screenplay”).
  • Both individual sequences and the entire negotiation are practiced and optimized using role-plays.
  • You can also have the coaching-consultant accompany you during the real negotiation.
  • After evaluating the negotiation process and results, the next steps for your development are defined specifically.


Your Situation

  • You are an expert in your field.
  • You are in tricky position (e.g. demanding goals, starting at deadlock, or complex situations).
  • You are open for other people’s opinions and brave enough to accept support.

Your Benefit

  • You receive a different perspective on the situation.
  • You generate new approaches for solutions together with the coach.
  • You have the support of pragmatic experts throughout the challenging process, all the way to the end.


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