Coaching-Consulting Program: Negotiation Design


This program is specially designed for negotiators who want to act more confidently and purposefully in their negotiations.

Professional preparation is essential for success in a negotiation – and for your own self-confidence and assertiveness during the negotiation. In complex and even deadlocked situations, you will find out to what extent you have really prepared yourself and just how much you now stand to profit from your preparation.

In the coaching-consulting program for negotiation design, you will learn modern negotiation methods and what is necessary to prepare for them. You will combine these methods into a negotiation strategy that is appropriate for your own purposes. That means you will leave the program with a finished negotiation design that you can directly utilize in your next negotiation. With this program, acquiring new skills goes hand in hand with achieving a direct economic benefit.

The coaching-consulting program for negotiation design can be supplemented with intensive training and coaching on the implementation of your negotiation strategy. More information can be found in the description of our Coaching-Consulting Program: Negotiation Coaching.

What to Expect

  • The participants describe a common situation for an upcoming negotiation in detail.
  • The content and methods that are relevant to the specific case are communicated in a way that connects directly to that case.
  • You prepare the negotiation step-by-step, developing a design for the entire negotiation (the “screenplay”).
  • You have the option to practice and optimize individual sequences using role-plays.


Your Situation

  • You have already gained some initial experience in negotiations.
  • You know your field and your tasks.
  • You have difficult negotiating partners or complex situations, so you are uncertain how you can improve the effectiveness of your negotiations.

Your Benefit

  • You will be shown individually tailored strategies and paths for dealing with your negotiating partner.
  • You will be able to recognize opportunities in difficult situations.
  • You will receive support in difficult negotiations.
  • You will learn new methods from pragmatic experts.


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