Coaching-Consulting Program: Supply Chain Strategy

Think outside the box

With professional guidance, you will be introduced to an invaluable process for developing a purchasing strategy and identifying opportunities.

Your coaching-consultant can be integrated into the process in various ways, both in terms of how he is integrated into the organization and how much responsibility he assumes.

You will ultimately possess a well-founded and viable plan for the future containing tangible and verifiable measures, which you can start implementing immediately.

The goal is to provide you with the ability to design such a process on your own in the future.

What to Expect

The Coaching-Consulting Program for Supply Chain Strategy takes place in a group. In our view, strategic development in a team always serves as a form of team-building exercise as well.

Every coaching-consulting session is individually tailored to your purchasing structure and your specific needs. This works best when building upon the results of the Quick Check for Purchasing. One program generally spans about 3 months and includes group coaching, training units, and consulting services.

The coaches possess extensive experience working as purchasing managers at various companies and in various fields of business. In our opinion, in-depth knowledge of the current challenges in the daily operations is absolutely imperative in order to actually provide you with a highly personalized service that is directly related to your business. The services we offer at Better Solutions are very well structured, but they are definitely not “off the shelf.”

We will gladly put you in contact with our references, who will speak openly with you about their cooperation with BETTER SOLUTIONS from a customer’s perspective.

The Program

Typical Content:

  • Supplier analysis
  • Categorizing according to procurement market groups
  • Porter’s “Five Forces” analysis for procurement markets
  • Market power analysis
  • Supply chain risk analysis
Together, in this phase we will:

  • Discover opportunities using both established and innovative methods, as well as generate ideas.
  • Recognize solutions that are off the beaten path.

  • After compiling the ideas, they are evaluated.
  • Together, we take the interesting and realistic ideas and develop them into specific strategic options.
Finally, after developing action plans, we evaluate the options and generate a professional decision document.

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