Coachingconsulting Program: Learning Path for Negotiating and Expression


This program is specially designed for experienced negotiators who want a very personalized and specific development plan in order to learn how to successfully master the most difficult negotiating situations.

This learning path perfectly aligns the development of both your negotiating skills and your ability to consciously apply your body language and voice during negotiations, in order to enhance your personal impact.

You will mostly work one-on-one with your coaching-consultant – either on standard cases or on cases individually tailored to your daily business. This makes it possible to provide very specific and targeted feedback that has a wide-ranging effect – similar to acupuncture.

This is possible here because we work outside of the standard behavioral patterns that you would otherwise display when around your colleagues. Even those who tend to be rather reserved start to take action and get into an open conversation. And the coaching-consultant can give the appropriate feedback that is completely in the participant’s best interest, without having to account for the effects of a group of observers.

That way, your skills can be refreshed and more easily accessed – and you can work on your personality within a protected environment.

The Program

A personalized program for further development is created for each employee based on his or her skill level:

Introduction and session on the fundamentals of negotiating (1 day with Jörg Köck) and on the fundamentals of expressiveness (1 day with Prof. Christoph Hilger).

Video Training phase with Jörg Köck (4 hours each): For each participant, three standard cases are played and recorded on video.
This is followed by reflection and feedback from Jörg Köck. Potential for improving behavioral patterns is highlighted.

The videos are evaluated by Prof. Hilger with regards to voice, speech, and body language (about 1 hour of evaluation and 1½  hours of feedback per person.)
Developmental goals and exercises for the two to three month long practical phase will be agreed upon. This phase can be extended upon request.

1.5 hours reflecting on the practical phase for negotiating with Jörg Köck.

One hour reflecting on the practical phase for expressiveness with Prof. Hilger.

Your Situation

  • You have gathered a lot of experience negotiating.
  • You know your field of business in detail.
  • You have difficult negotiating partners and you are not exactly sure how to deal with them.
  • Other seminars have not helped you make progress on this issue because they were too generalized.

Your Benefit

  • You will be able to recognize opportunities in difficult negotiations.
  • You will increase your impact by utilizing your body language, voice, and speech professionally.
  • You will develop your strengths through a very personalized process and with professional supervision.
  • You will learn from pragmatic experts.
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