Integral Solution Finding

Integrale Lösungsfindung

If a project has to succeed on the first attempt it is absolutely necessary to make a holistic examination of your purposes before starting the implementation. The biggest challenge is to identify the critical relationships and adjusting screws in rather complex systems.

Using classic planning methods you will not be able to identify all aspects accordingly. This is why we developed a process oriented integral solution finding.

What to Expect

The integral solution finding allows you a holistic analysis before you have even started implementing. This distinctly heightens your decision-making reliability and success probability:

  • You will be able to estimate a systemÕs emotionality which is quite important since most people base their decisions on emotions.
  • Optimizing acquired problem-solving approaches happens as soon as in the implantation phase.
  • The practicality of different problem-solving approaches can be evaluated in advance.
  • The integral method can lead to completely new insights and problem solving approaches.

Integral solution finding is helpful to optimize the implementation-planning of projects or the restructuring, as much as for developing solutions in apparently hopeless situations.

The Process

In a first step expectations have to be determined, focus and extent have to be found and preparation steps defined.
The implementation phase lasts a day. On this two consultants will be at your service in different roles. If necessary a documentation specialist will attend to for example register systemic constellations or capture a video.
About a week later we will talk with you about what has occurred and discuss the results.
According to what we have arranged there will be additional feedback discussions.
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