Organizational development

Together with you we will develop scenarios of optimized organizational forms according to your specific challenges. And of course we will accompany you during implementation. We will be at your side – a constructive partner when difficulties arise.


What to Expect

  • An individually customized process.
  • Taking into account all soft factors relevant for change projects like corporate culture and analysis of different interests (including people concerned but only passively affected).
  • A flexible process that leads to a successful change shaped by your employees.

The principles of coachingconsulting leaves you in the role as process owner. BETTER SOLUTIONS provides support but does not take away your design freedom or the sense of achievement. The optimized purchasing strategy for your business will be your and only your success and benefit. You are the experts in the field. BETTER SOLUTIONS supports you to use your expert knowledge effectively in processes and helps you to internalize them for a successful future. That is what we understand by sustainable consulting.

Based on these principles for concrete challenges are our programs coachingconsulting program purchasing strategy and coachingconsulting program negotiations.

The Process

The Quick Check for Purchasing is the base for every successful development project.
This is a professional inventory of existing structures and processes including the analysis of potentials.
Alternatively we can of course work on your independent preliminary work, if necessary including a staff survey.
At best an intensive cooperation in the Coaching-Consulting Program Supply Chain Strategy follows, laying out the intended targets.
Now we will work on useful scenarios according to your organizational form – optimized for the intended targets and principles. Embedding the concept of integral solution finding promises success.

Figures, data and facts are important and necessary. But developments for humans are made by humans and this is why it is important to include them in every concept and real-world fulfillment.

For planning and implementation with BETTER SOLUTIONS you can choose three different forms of cooperation or roles for your change project:

  • BETTER SOLUTIONS as a sporadic individual or group coach,
  • integrating BETTER SOLUTIONS in your organization as fixed staff position,
  • or even as project leader and interim manager in your company

Depending on the chosen form of cooperation our responsibility – linked to the competences transferred to us – can be adjusted according to your wishes and needs.

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