Personnel development with a system – professionalizing purchase


We deliver staff development for purchase starting with a need analysis, followed by concept, measure planning up to organization and evaluation. As experts in purchase and soft skills wie gladly take over the complete personnel development. This helps you to reduce costs or make it more effective – and in the best case both at the same time.

What to Expect

  • The base for BETTER SOLUTIONS’ personnel development is the career-model “KarriereModell Forum Einkauf” that was developed together with Austria’s biggest buyer association, the ÖPWZ Forum Einkauf.
  • We work with the most economically useful mixture of PD-processes and -instruments.
  • The staff development will be adjusted to your purchasing structure and strategy.
  • It also possible to outsource the complete personnel development.


The Process

In a first step we will review the existing personnel development. Above that based on the purchase strategy we will define targets for staff development.
Now we are developing alternative solutions for your future personnel development and present and discuss it.
Not only organization and supporting accompaniment are part of the implementation but also a feedback and evaluation process.
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More Information

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