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Commitment Promotes Implementation!

  • What is good commitment – four simple rules
  • Analysis of broken commitment reveals the true problems of an organization
  • Achieve quantum leaps even without new technology

Control Your Personal Impact!

  • Shape your environment with your skills, personality, and expression
  • Your subconscious as a bottleneck for your success
  • More success with systematic development

Negotiation doesn’t mean ripping off the other person!

  • It’s not about winning, it’s about implementing the optimal solutions
  • Negotiation as a multi-tool for your success
  • Creating sustainable agreements – an essential skill in a complex world

From Coffee Chatter to a High-Performance Team

  • Coherent consciousness as a key to success
  • On the path to becoming a team – unconventional methods
  • Utilizing the strength of mental images

Jörg Köck

Are you looking for the perfect mix of entertainment and sound knowledge?

Jörg Köck offers you a format that is appropriate for the target audience, full of exciting and profound messages – eye opening and with implications for the future. Occasionally it may border on the theatrical – yet it is always on-topic and motivating.

His mission as a speaker is to take complex things and make them simple and understandable. He is strongly convinced that we live in a complex world, and in order to come up with better solutions, it’s necessary to come up with pragmatic methods off the beaten path.


  • Solution-Oriented Negotiation
  • Culture of Commitment
  • Purchasing and Negotiation Strategies
  • Change Management
  • Optimizing Personal Impact


Keynote “Verhandeln am Limit” (2011)
Moderations of conferences (since 2007)
Keynote “Verhandeln am Limit” (Dornbirn, 2012)
Keynote “Verhandeln am Limit” (2011)

Keynote “Einkaufen hart am Wind” (2012)

Keynote “Verhandeln am Limit” (2012)
Keynote “Verhandeln am Limit” (2012)
Keynote “Der Mensch steht im Mittelpunkt” (2013)

Keynote “Besser entscheiden” (2016)

Diverse Seminare, Workshops und Trainings zu den Themen Einkauf, Verhandeln und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung
Diverse Seminare, Workshops und Trainings zu den Themen Einkauf, Verhandeln und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

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