Optimize Your Expressiveness With Prof. Christoph Hilger

Christoph Hilger, the specialist for personal expressiveness, originally a professional actor and speaker, worked as a TV coach for over 15 years. He consulted, trained, and coached managers and negotiators in matters concerning voice, speech, and body language.

Christoph Hilger has developed a concept for optimizing your expressiveness, which fits seamlessly into the big picture of your personal impact. It integrates your forms of expression into one harmonious overall experience. These aspects include:

  • Voice and breathing
  • Language and speech
  • Body language and presence

In our range of developmental programs, we deliberately avoid the analytical study of particular figures, gestures, or rhetorical phrases. We offer you a practical overall concept that enables you to:

  • Become aware of certain aspects of your expression
  • Connect these aspects with your feelings
  • Retain them, manage them, and access them easily

This concept uses the principle of Negotiation-Tai-Chi® – deliberately using your external posture to influence your inner attitudes and vice versa. This enables you to stay on the path to success confidently and in an authentic manner.

The Three Areas of Potential for Expressiveness

Voice & Breathing

Using the potential of your voice, you can fill the space in between people and generate the appropriate effect in any situation.

Unlock this potential in a guided process. Experience and test out the reciprocal effects between your breath and voice, which strongly connect the physical and psychological. In the end, you will enthrall your audience with a harmonious total package.

Language & Speech

Promote clarity in your speech and increase your impact on other people with images and body postures that are individually tailored to you.

Carefully enunciating specifically targeted statements can fill the room and the people inside it. Learn to carve out your points precisely and develop structures of agreement that emphasize your personal style and also appeal to your audience in the best way possible.

Body Language & Presence

This is the path to optimizing your presence: Develop an awareness of your body signals. Then decide for yourself which signals fit your needs!

We show you techniques that you can use to make yourself authentic and more visible, without having to “fake it” or role-play.


The Training Series for Expressive Impact – Voice & Breathing, Language & Speech, Body Language & Presence

This training series provides an insightful overview as well as many exercises for the three fields of expressiveness.

Training & Coaching in Preparation for Speeches and Presentations

Nervousness? Stage fright? Get a good feeling about your performance, learn the tricks the experts use, and learn how to have fun with your impact on the audience!

Coaching-Consulting Program on Developing your Expressiveness:

An individualized, intensive development format for your path to more expressiveness. Also available as a special learning path for negotiators.

Training & Coaching for the Camera and for Interviews

Appearances in front of a camera have their own set of rules. Learn how to present yourself in the proper light! This also includes training rhetoric that is effective in media.
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