Seminar: Intensive Negotiating (Video Training)


In this intensive training seminar, you learn how to assess your own personal negotiating skills and practice developing them in a targeted way.
You argue in standard negotiation situations in front of a camera, which enables your trainer to assess the level of your development very precisely. You analyze the recording together in detail.

Building upon these results, you learn and practice the corresponding techniques for optimizing how you negotiate, and you leave the seminar with a personalized development plan for improving your negotiating skills even further.

This seminar is specially designed for negotiators who want to learn fast and change their behavior.

What to Expect

  • Check your current negotiating skills
  • Learn the model of personal impact
  • At least three standard negotiations will be prepared, conducted, and subsequently analyzed on video: discussing a complaint, a price increase, negotiating with a superior opponent (a virtual monopoly)
  • Expand your negotiating knowledge in the areas that arose in the role-play situations
  • Develop your personalized plan for improving your negotiating skills

Your Situation

  • You have already gained some experience in negotiations and are ready to take a critical look at them.
  • You have accepted that the results of the negotiations also significantly depend on your own personal negotiation skills.
  • Now you would like to recognize which decision-making patterns are more prominent for your negotiations, as well as find out how you can more consciously shape the selection of negotiating interventions.
  • You would like to push your limits. In order to integrate the knowledge into your daily work more effectively, you accept the use of video recordings and analysis.

Your Benefit

  • Using realistic negotiating situations, you learn how to assert yourself in negotiations better.
  • You receive specific feedback from the trainer.
  • You can compare your self-image with external views in a respectful, protected atmosphere.
  • You will be shown how you can continue to build upon your negotiating skills with simple methods.
  • You expand your knowledge of methods for standard situations.
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