Seminar: Professional Negotiations


This seminar is especially for prospective negotiators who want to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the basic techniques of modern negotiations.

This seminar provides you with a solid foundation and a comprehensive overview of the field of professional negotiations.
Throughout the course of a negotiation – including in the preparation phase, the core negotiation, the conclusion, and the follow-up – you will learn about the most important methods and tricks, based on the latest research in the fields of negotiation psychology and neuroscience.

After this seminar, you will be able to apply this knowledge in a targeted and competent way in individual developmental fields, trying out and honing the methods you learned. Achieving success quickly will help you along this path.

With this basic qualification and some initial experience in negotiations, you can now concentrate on developing the things that are particularly important for you, such as specific skill sets, your personality, or your expressiveness.

What to Expect

  • The fundamentals of a professional negotiation
  • Key success factor: Preparation
  • Negotiation case study, negotiating partner
  • Argument tree, process, strategy
  • The queen of rhetorical weapons: questioning techniques in four steps
  • The Harvard concept and its limits
  • The process of a negotiation
  • Basics of body language
  • The essence of good rhetoric
  • Negotiation psychology (fundamentals and tips from neuroscience)


Your Situation

  • You have recognized that negotiations are an essential factor for success in your profession.
  • You would like to learn the tools of the trade according to the latest research in negotiation psychology.
  • You are trying to gain more self-confidence and assertiveness.

Your Benefit

  • You will gain fundamental knowledge about professional negotiation.
  • You will know the details of how to prepare for a negotiation to ensure success.
  • You will be able to apply questioning techniques skillfully.
  • You will achieve more in your negotiations.
  • You will recognize your own pattern of negotiations and be able to change it.


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