Our Team


Jörg Köck
Jörg KöckCEO
After studying aviation, he was in the German Air Force for 13 years, rising to the rank of Captain in the Air Force Office. Subsequently, he occupied management positions in mechanical engineering companies. He has also dealt with topics in the field of psychology in-depth and therefore is able to contribute profound knowledge and experience in a wide variety of fields.

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Liliane Staehli Köck
Liliane Staehli KöckSpecialist for Emotional Analysis
…has been a self-employed businesswoman for many years. She is currently in the process of expanding the company she manages: Ynys Avallach GmbH. Having been trained as a coach, together with her husband she has fine-tuned methods of mapping constellations into integral problem-solving and emotional analysis.

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Christoph Hilger
Christoph HilgerPartner
…is a professor for media-specific speech in Potsdam, a speaker, actor, and coach. He trains and coaches specialists and managers on how to use their voice, rhetoric, and body language.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for impactful presentation, voice training, and body language.

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Annika Lückhof
Annika LückhofCustomer Service
… has a degree in education with a focus on professional training.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS she is responsible for customer service and sales.

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Josef Wagner
Josef WagnerPartner
… possesses over 30 years of experience in sales and purchasing at large commercial enterprises, over 15 years of which he served as Purchasing Manager.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for trade with a key focus on procurement management and supplier optimization.

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Matthias Lassen
Matthias LassenPartner
… is an economist and posseses over 10 years of experience as purchaser and head of procurement at multinational corporations. Since 2009 the CoreDynamik Trainer and Coach is a self-employed businessman.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he consults, trains and coaches successfully clients in the United States.

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Anke Loose
Anke LooseTrainer and Coach
… is a business economist and organizational developer. She supports managers, organizations, and teams with a variety of methods to implement both personal and organizational changes.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS she is the expert for change processes, managerial and team development.

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Melanie Reimann
Melanie ReimannEvent Manager
… is trained in retailing.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS she is responsible for event management and administration.

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